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What is Meats4Life?
Meats4Life is a few things...
Meats4Life is an online directory for everything grass fed, pasture raised and free range on 2 to 4 legs and everything either caught in a net or in a cage from the sea.  We promote a diverse variety of products that can either be picked up from a cold storage location currently in use by our program or purchased from one of our other meat and seafood partners.
Cold Storage Release Products
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Other Meat & Seafood Partners
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  • USDA Certified
  • 100% Natural
  • NO Nitrates
  • Anti-Biotic and Hormone Free
  • Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Pork, Free Range Chicken
  • Flash Frozen and Vacuum Sealed
Meats4Life has an online "Country Store" shopping area where you can find all sorts of gift ideas from a number of our other product partners.  Purchase products from AVON, Cutco, NuSkin, JR Watkins and more of your favorites and others right from our "Country Store" area by clicking on our partner banners.

EVERY $10 of revenue from either purchases from the "Country Store" area or from purchases of meat products goes into our Co-Op for the benefit of our Club Members...
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Meats4Life is a membership co-op.  Our co-op, structured as a cycler, PAYS for EVERY member's meat orders, jerky products, and other bonuses as each member cycles from either referring others, receiving company referrals, customer meat orders or "Country Store" purchases.  Our co-op is all about supporting our members and lifting each other to prosperity.  

Additional benefits for EVERY co-op Club Member include extra income streams, paid entries into 3 sister program for help with housing and healthcare, a lifetime of movie passes and gift cards, and a $25,000 car bonus!!
Read about how the program works on the "How it Works" page of the program website by clicking the button below...
Or, if you have about an hour to watch a pre-recorded slide show about how the program works, click the button below...
Ready to Join Us?  
Follow the Steps Below...
Step 1) Grab Your ORU Wallet to Get Paid
Option 1) You may join ORU as a Lite (FREE) Member and as you receive your earning deposits into your ORU wallet, you'll automatically be upgraded by ORU to Premium Member and be able to withdraw your program earnings to one of the available wallets depending on where you live (PayPal and Payoneer currently available).

Option 2) You may join up front as an ORU Premium Member for ONLY $5.95 monthly and have immediate access to withdrawal of your funds.
Step 2) Pay for your membership
Click on the "Click to Pay Now" button below to visit the "Join Now" page of our main website so you can learn about the different membership options to fit most budgets and to pay for your membership option.  The page will open in a separate tab if you're viewing this with a laptop/desktop.
Commit to Being With Us On Our Program Paid Cruise!!
(The Meats4Life Co-Op funds an ALL Expense Paid Cruise Trip for EVERY Club Member that "Qualifies" upon completion of Level 5.  Click Here to Learn More)

  • Join the Club
  • Refer 7 $39.95/yr members

Everyone Knows 7 People that Can Benefit from This Program.  Make a List.  Spread the Word!!
Step 3) Register
(Choose your favorite meat options, how you want to participate and be PAID)

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